Dear All, I am planning to come with the SAP Retail tutorials along with videos wherever / whenever possible, so that it will be of good use to all the SAP IS-Retail aspirants. I have been following lot of training stuffs online and I should say that I am terribly upset with the quality of the training stuffs available. Probably the trainers doesn't want to open up more on the public domain instead want to "tease" the aspirants with little stuffs, so that the aspiring consultants reach out to them for paid training. But I should say that the quality and range of topics available for other modules like SD / MM is far better and sometimes, even better than what was being taught in the training centers.

The format of a retailer is the overall appearance and feel that it presents to customers, primarily its look and layout, the sort of range it stocks and the approach taken to pricing. Format is distinct from fascia which, strictly speaking, refers solely to external appearance. Retailers occasionally use it as as a synonym for format. The format, together with range, pricing and marketing, is one of the key determinants of a retailer's success. Of these, the format is very often the hardest to get right. A good format will both draw in customers (generating footfall) and help present products well to generate sales.

Retail is the "IN" thing since the start of this millenium. The arrival of internet further boosted this sector. We live in a period where the virtual & physical stores coexist without killing each other. The following are the famous Retail stores that changed the face of the Indian Retail scenario.

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