In this post & video we introduce the concepts of characteristics and Characteristics Profile which is an important functionality to create variant articles. E.g Let us take a standard example of a Shirt. In the apparel store shelf, you can find the shirt in different sizes (S,M,L) and colours. Technically speaking it is the same article (shirt) but differs only in the attributes - Size and/or Colour. These attributes are called as Characteristics in SAP IS-Retail. The advantage is that you need not create individual articles for each "variant". You can create a Generic article and the system will automatically create the variants based on the characteristics.

These characteristics are created and the values are maintained in the Characteristics maintenance. The values can be optionally grouped together, when you have a large number of values of characteristics. Also you can create characteristics profile and assign it to the Merchandise Category.

This video teaches you the following topics:-

1. Defining Characteristics

2. Grouping of Characteristics using the Functional Module

3. Definition of Characteristics Profile

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